We're high Performers

We are a Technology Powerhouse. theGiTLab Team believes in progress and Innovations that matter and Intelligent Applications and Solutions that improve Business and Societies. We believe that thinking and actions are progressive and for that matter, we hold our brand in high esteem. When we have clients who have a passion for technology and innovation, we are able to achieve the impossible together.

Web and App Development

Government and Private Solutions

Consultation in all Technology Areas

Developing new and scaleable solutions

GiT's greatest invention is theGiTLab. theGiTLab Team develop solutions that matter. We are a team of high thinkers with demonstrable hardwork.

Our Development Skills

  • Javascript (Angular, Vue and React )
  • Web development (Firebase, Laravel)
  • Mobile development (Firebase, Framework7)
  • Analytics (Hadoop, Grafana, Tableau)
  • Database ( Stateless DB, Stateful DB)
  • Desktop Apps ( Java, Python, c# )

Our Consultancy Skills

SDG Developers, CMA. These are just a few of the global partners working with theGiTLab Team to make smarter decisions and rich customer experiences via data analytics, cloud technology, WhatsApp messaging and mobile app development. Join us to make the world work better – we are theGiTLab.

theGiTLab Team

GiT's main skill is the ability to maintain business operations and protecting data and assets effectively. Thus providing end-to-end management of data protection through our unique services, retention, and retrieval needs. GiT backs up more than 3.5 exabytes of data for clients annually.


100 %


85 %


92 %

Our Solutions

Integrated solutions that leverage current technologies to help businesses manage service areas effectively

Forms369 is a one-stop-shop for all forms of needs. It is designed as a consolidated platform for entities and their clients/respondents to engage seamlessly.
Our QMS has gone beyond managing customer queues in a facility but it has included customer profiling which aggregates the needed data for business intelligence and product development.
Our experienced API integration consultants are ready to help you architect your services and securely connect you to your business needs.

This is why you should Choose Us

  • East Legon Plt No. 8 Nii Sai Road
  • Mon - Sat 8.00 - 18.00
  • +233244893332
  • +233030233445
  • info@thegitlab.com

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