GiTLog Queue Management System (QMS)

Queue Management Made Simple, Safe & Secure.


The GiTLog Queue management system helps you coordinate waiting for lines by giving customers a simple ordering system that completely negates the old "first come, first serve" system. The system includes audio-visual directions for customers, a user-friendly interface for agents to handle lines and call customers forward, and useful management tools. All of its elements are web-based, therefore it can be used with PC, tablet, smartphone, etc. The GITLog QMS eliminates lines, speeds up transactions, and empty lobbies.

GitLog QMS Addresses the Following
1. Who are the customers in our queue?

2. How often do they visit our branches/ service centers?

3. What services, in particular, do they access from our service centers?

4. Is a customer facing a service challenge?

5. Should a customer be monitored or red-flagged?

6. What do we know about our customers concerning our services?
Benefits of GiTLog QMS
  • Organizes your queue and enforces business rules – appointments, priorities, and so on.
  • Reduces queue length, as well as perceived and actual wait times, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.
  • Allows for performance and service level analysis, assisting management in streamlining customer service and lowering operational costs.
  • A central server can be expanded from a single point of service to an unlimited number of branches.
  • Flexible solution that meets all business needs and all customer service types.

GitLog QMS Key Features

E-ticket Sms Notification
Customizable SMS notifications to clients on Check-In as a means to further engage customers as long as they access a service from your service points. Printout of tickets is optional as the solution is designed to promote a paperless environment.
Customizable Dashboards
Customizable Dashboards are available to show customer behavior and patterns. Our customizable dashboards also provide dynamic analytics across all service centres. These analytics give information on customer behavior and pattern in relation to the service centres and much more.
LED Display of Queue
LED displays queue to show transparency and manage customer expectations during waiting periods. Provision is also made for screening of customized videos and images on LED display (Adverts) to further engage customers during the waiting period.

Download the manual for all information about GiTLog QMS

GiTLog Guarantees the Following

24/7 support

Each product sold is backed up by a24/7 customer service as a part of its quality guarantee.


The software can easily be customized to meet your exact business need and specifications.

Dedicated team

We have a dedicated team to deliver the perfect mix of flexible, and scalable software products.

No hidden costs

There are no hidden costs or expenses associated with using our software products or services.

Guaranteed satisfaction

We are dedicated to making sure we satisfy our customers in all aspects beyond expectation.

Top quality

Our products have gone through rigorous testing to ensure 99% up time and complete dependability.

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