Events Management System

A smarter way to create and manage event registrations, attendees, and check-ins in one place.


Event369 is a platform for creating and publishing your own event at the comfort of your home, it also allows you to get access to your participants' data if they registered with just a click of a button. Events369 is an integrated event management solution, capable of covering the entire lifecycle of social, professional, and other event categories. Events369 is designed to be an event planner’s best friend. It is a user-friendly web application that provides planners tools such as events creation and management as well as a well-designed, customized event, and registration page to engage attendees and guests from the start to the end of an event.

Why Use Events369

Event369 is designed with flexibility at its core making it very effective at managing your events to suit your needs.
Convenient data access
Your participants' data is located in one place and can be accessed with ease. Thus, your data is updated in real-time.

How Events369 Work

Managing an event
Get started by providing information about your event, details such as the title of the event, venue, location, and several other information. You provide the exact information you want.

Upload your own images and videos on your event page, choose the images you want as background images, etc., and images of sponsors, organizers, speakers, event hosts, and several others.

With our very unique and simple form builder, you can quickly create a registration form with ease. And you just provide a few other information required to complete your event creation.

Key Features

Complete Customization
You have complete control over exactly how you want your event. We give you the option to use your own images, videos and you also get to choose what information you have for your event.
Easy Access To Your Data
Your participants' data is right at your fingertips, just log in to your account and you can access all your participants' data.
Different Set Of Templates
Our event management platform comes with several theme options to choose from to make your event template look absolutely unique. We have awesome themes for wedding events, funerals, and more.

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