Prioritizing Security for safety and credibility.

Security Assessment


Our vulnerability assessment uncovers flaws in security procedures, design, implementation of internal controls. We identify weaknesses that could be triggered or exploited to cause a security breach.


At theGiTLab, we perform penetration tests; our IT experts act as a “hacker” in an attempt to breach security systems. With this, we can gain insights into potential loopholes in a client's infrastructure and ours.


Risk assessment is part of our standard procedure to help identify, estimate and prioritize risk that is within any part of a software product. Security audits are a way to evaluate your company and products based on criteria.


A compliance audit is an independent evaluation to ensure that an organization is following external laws, rules, and regulations or internal guidelines, such as corporate bylaws, controls, and policies and procedures. The goal is to show whether an organization meets the laws required to do business in its industry.


Keep Your Employees Informed

First and foremost, we let your employees know that an audit is about to happen. This will help your organization remain as transparent as possible. GIT(global intergraded technologies) may also want to announce an all-hands meeting so that all employees and the IT team know the audit and offer potential insight.

Gather as Much Information as Possible

Secondly, we ensure that we inform you to get company data available as quickly as possible. Ask auditors what specific information they might need so that you can prepare beforehand and avoid scrambling for information at the last minute.

Hire an External Auditor

GiT hires external auditors for your cybersecurity audit. Neglecting cybersecurity audits can allow small problems to grow into massive risks and that is why GIT takes security seriously.

Conduct Regular Audits

Lastly, GiT makes sure that our security audits are consistent. The most successful organizations are proactive when it comes to holding regular cybersecurity audits. New types of cyberattacks and risks are constantly emerging, with this our company adapts and evolves every year.

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