Global Integrated Technologies Limited

GiT is a software development and technology consulting company.

GiT works with its clients to make informed decisions based on accurate and reliable data that is well structured, stored, and processed using available analytical tools. We provide Software as a Service (SaaS) for the never-ending interactions between businesses and customers. We specialize in simplifying complex business processes by applying appropriate ingenious
technology for efficiency, speed, transparency, and convenience. We work to provide a holistic solution covering a typical business transaction from inquiries, orders, payment, delivery, feedback, and intermittent communications. We also enable businesses to create exponential value to their benefit and that of their customers by including typically overlooked data across business operations as an integral part of our solutions resulting in effective decision making and competitive advantage.

To use technology-based solutions to address today's problems while creating opportunities for future innovations and discoveries.​

To remodel the business environment in Africa and beyond by providing technology-based systems that drive business value exponentially and redefine service experience.

We adopt a holistic company culture that is inclusive, customer-centric, innovative, and impactful. We are deliberate in our team selection to ensure inclusivity and diversity in terms of skills, experiences, race, and religion. We are keen on a growth mindset and making a difference with our solutions.

Explore Beyond Your Expectation

We invest significantly to develop and manage all our SaaS Solutions. These products are unique in their operations as they provide seamless sets of solutions to issues within the business and the social environment.

We are keen on providing needed customer services efficiently and effectively. Be sure to call us, email us, or just drop in.

GiTLab's SaaS Solutions ensure the highest possible system uptime. Our products have undergone series of tests to ensure that all our solutions operate at 97% efficiency under all conditions.