Visitor LogBook is a Digital logging System

Maintaining a visitor’s log is one of the basic practices of Visitor Management System. And this case proves how vital and effective it can be, in a criminal investigation. Though admittedly, not all criminals are going to leave valid details about themselves in the log. Nonetheless, even a manual visitor’s log has its merits if the said criminal doesn’t think through his plan.A static photo of the visitor, scanning of ID cards, bio metric fingerprints are some of the many options that aid to make the premises more secure.

A walk-in visitor will need to give the following details – Name, Address, Purpose of Visit, Contact Number
The host will be informed about the Visitor’s details through an SMS or Phone
The system then takes a static photo of the visitor.A bio metric fingerprint option is available. This is very valuable information that is collected from the visitor because ID cards and other details can be falsified..In the end, in the visitor is checked out by the active receptionist.

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