• Who were the people in our queue?
  • How often do they visit our branches/service centres across the country?
  • What services do they access from our service centres?
  • Is a customer facing a service challenge?
  • Should a customer be monitored or red flagged?
  • What do we know about our customers in relation to our services?

GiTLog Queue seeks to empower our clients with the relevant information in an intelligent format for decision making be it customer service, product development, or business development.

The most relevant aspect of GiTLog Queue is the reporting capabilities. While the solution comes with generic reporting dashboards and graphs for easy analysis and information, we customize additional dashboard reports based on clients specific needs. All reports can be downloaded (based on agreed protocols to ensure data security) into MS Excel, CSV and PDF. In addition, API is available for clients with programming capabilities for further integration and analysis. Our business intelligence team is also on standby to support as and when the need arises.
GiTLog Queue is SaaS and billed per branch per year with 24/7 support services. Setup cost is billed separately based on the level of customisations, man hours required, number of branches and other parameters.

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