Can you trace your colleagues that have possessed your documents?

GiTLog Delivery is an electronic logging solution to manage Incoming and Outgoing packages, mails and documents within an organisation (Internal Delivery), between branches of the same organisation (Branch Delivery), between two organisations both using GiTLog (Connected Delivery) and between other organisations NOT using GiTLog (Third-party Delivery)

It enables organizations to maintain an authentic record of all deliveries with added features of Tracking, Mobile Confirmations, Real-time Notifications and Data Analytics. It is a well thought through solution ensuring full transparency in respect of inward and outward deliveries taking into accounts the Senders, the middlemen (when included) and the Recipients with dates and times.
GiTLog Deliveries maintains records of internal exchange of documents or Items quantity so that it can be traced to the last person that possessed it.
GiTLog Deliveries does not only keep track of documents maintained in house but also files that has been transferred to a connected company as well third party companies by receiver confirming receipt of document by USSD process.

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