GiTCodes is an Electronic Money Issuing Platform designed for Financial Institutions (Banks) to issue e-money in addition to their core banking services in a fast, easy, safe and convenient manner without worrying about technology and development.

It comes in a complete suite of Web, Mobile application and USSD, allowing financial institutions to plug and play at their convenience. It is designed as an eco-system that enables partnered banks to interoperate and by extension, create a seamless operating environment to their customers as well.

More about GiTCodes

GiTCodes is designed on three (3) major building blocks that enable partner banks to easily develop unique solutions targeted at customers across the eco-system. The building blocks are IDENTITY & AUTHORISATION MODULE, CORE WALLET MODULE AND BILLING MODULE. With these core modules at work, typical challenges around Agency Banking, Billing and Collections, Target Savings, E-Commerce, Crowd Funding and Association Contributions will be a thing of the past.

GiTCodes provides a rich API documentation that opens new possibilities to our banks. In addition, banks will have access to unique industry based products, developed by the highly qualified and experienced GiTCodes team who are working in collaboration with industry experts, to solve peculiar industry based challenges.