GiTCodes is a Financial Technology (Fintech) solution designed as a one stop shop for seamless financial transactions . It is designed as a financial tool incorporating accounting principles for seamless reconciliation.

The assurance of its safety by having a unique identification code called the gitcode

Self Service Transaction: A customer executing a transaction by him or herself from any of the GiTCodes User Interfaces (Web, Mobile App, USSD).

Third Party Transaction: A Financial Institution (FI) or its agent executing a transaction on behalf of its customers to a GiTCodes subscriber/customer. ALL Third Party transactions will use GiTProcessor.

Processors: This refers to the various platforms directly responsible for a transaction be it Self Service or Third Party initiated. The major processors for GiTCodes are;

Making a GiTCode Payment is easy as ABC

Different Accounts, Different Banks, Different Mobile Wallets, ONE CODE

Making a GiTCode Payment

Enter Receiver's GiTCode and Amount.

Your Payment Summary

Confirm Amount to be sent to receiver

Cash is Trasnfered or Received

It's complexity but Gitcode makes it easy