Integrate cash and mobile payment into your iOS, Android and Windows-based POS system or web applications. The API concentrates payment logic into a simple REST Service (API), allowing Applications to integrate mobile payment and collection functionality without having to manage the transaction flow. The API abstracts away the differences in mobile wallet systems, and provides a uniform technical interface so that software developers easily build secure services on top of mobile wallet systems.

Enable loyalty on mobile wallet. This enables customer to enjoy discount on payments.APIs for developers and our partners to integrate with their backend to manage services delivered to merchants. Find more customers as well as improve your customer retention rate.

The Identity and Access APIs maintain unique identity for users and applications that connect to the platform. The platform delivers Authentications (including 2-Factor Authentication) and Authorization in a flexible and easy way to identify users and grant secure access to user resources. Usually, authorization occurs after identity is successfully validated through authentication so that the API has some idea of what sort of access it should grant.

Opanet eCollection is a service for financial institutions and merchants to support various collections electronically. These collections include utility bills, as well as fees paid by various educational institutions and many more. The platform provides APIs and sample client apps to support multi-delivery channels: mobile devices, web, POS etc.