Few Words About Global Integrated Technologies (GiT)

Global Integrated Technologies Limited (GiT) is a software development company and a technology consulting firm. GiT is established to help its clients harness the power of technology in their operations with focus on providing both custom and generic software solutions at the organizations touch points. By this, GiT enable its clients to collect, store and process the much needed data during their regular operational activities without interfering in their operational workflow.

GiT seeks to work with their clients to take informed decisions based on accurate and reliable data that are well structured, stored and processed using available analytical tools. The ultimate benefits include to determine trends and patterns, predict and anticipate customer behaviours, develop products and solutions and also improve customer relationship and service.

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GiT intends to adapt a competitive pricing strategy for a start whiles aspiring for relatively low pricing plan in the near future.


We invested significantly to develop our main product lines categorized under GiTLog and GiTCode. These products are unique in their operations as they provide seamless sets of solutions to issues within business and social environment.


GiTCodes and GiTLog has been developed to address the potentials and gaps identified with the data collections space, through extensive research. Simplicity, efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and accountability have been central to all our development. The strategy will be to highlight these features in a manner personal to each and every user. We adapted a holistic approach to problem solving and the final product is easily customizable to address specific needs within the space.


GiT believes in the power of Community and is committed to creating a unified forum program to deliver a consistent and valuable experience for you, our clients.


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Peoples Behind GiT

Albert Kuuku Abakah
CEO & Co-Founder
Frederick Yaw Gyebi
CTO & Co-Founder
Selasi Kofi Aidam
Director & Co-Founder
Albert Kojo Esaah
Product Manager